4 Different Options to Choose From When It Comes to Apparel Printing

Apparel printing has gained popularity in recent years, as it offers the best and most economical way to create custom clothing items for your business or organization. You can now choose from a variety of t-shirt printing and embroidery services, to meet your needs. RiverCity Print & Imaging the best print shop Little Rock, AR offers a wide range of professional services to meet your t-shirt printing and embroidery needs. Here are the four types of apparel printing to look for:

o Standard Printable Style – This is a convenient choice for those who want to offer custom printing on-demand. This is also called Premium Standard in technical language. In simple terms, employ a transfer ink undertake using smooth hand-inked inks on premium cotton fabric. It is usually cheaper than what you receive by standard shirt printing everywhere else, but you do get the ability to choose from any of the available shirt design styles using this service.

o Screen Printing – An attractive option for screen printing products, it involves layering durable vinyl material. The finished product is printed directly onto garments using ink-jet printers. Most screen printers use durable polyester fabrics that can withstand tough wear and tear. There is no need to worry about high-performance wear and tear, as screen printing does not use toner-based liquids or solvents. However, the printing process takes much longer than the standard method, so the cost per item will be slightly higher.

o Inkjet – This is another affordable option to get the job done, offering faster setup time and reduced setup costs compared to the other two printing methods. Inkjet products also offer high quality prints. They use compatible inks produced by compatible inks suppliers, giving you endless options for customization and performance. Moreover, the printouts are of top-quality despite the relatively high setup time.

o Heat Press – A popular printing method, heat press uses heated air to print on garments. Similar to screen printing, the printouts from heat press are made of durable vinyl materials that can withstand wear and tear. However, heat pressers require more room because of the need for additional platforms to operate the device and apply the heat. In addition, they take more time to complete the job. A typical garment will take approximately three to five hours to complete a roll, depending on the size of the t-shirt.

In summary, there are four different options for you to choose from when it comes to apparel designs printed on your shirts. You should consider your needs and budget to help you make the right choice on which one to go for. With technology advancing every day, we can expect to see more great improvements when it comes to inkjet and laser printer technologies.