A Brief Guide to Custom Cabinet Manufacturers

For many people, custom cabinet solutions are one of their best options for improving the way that they live in their homes. They offer the convenience of a high-quality cabinet without the high price tag that comes along with it. Custom cabinet installation experts can help you create an efficient kitchen or pantry, while still providing the convenience of having a custom cabinet that fits your specific needs and tastes.

The biggest difference between both styles is the size of the custom cabinets. Custom cabinets are usually much larger than regular sized factory cabinets, sometimes measuring up to twenty-four inches. Semi-custom cabinets also tend to be larger, measuring between twenty-six and twenty-eight inches in size. These larger cabinets provide a more spacious look for the kitchen or pantry, and because they are made to order they often have a unique, customized look. These larger cabinets allow homeowners to store a great deal more food and supplies, and due to their unique construction and style they can also hold more items than regular sized cabinets would be able to.

One of the most popular choices in custom cabinetry is to use semi-custom or prefab cabinets or custom cabinets. Many people prefer the look and feel of prefabricated cabinetry, as it is available in a wide range of styles. In addition to its beauty, prefab cabinets are also very durable, often being made out of solid wood or heavy gauge metal. Many of these products are customizable to fit any number of body types, and are available in a wide range of colors. However, because they are assembled in a factory and not a warehouse, prefab cabinetry is more expensive than custom cabinetry.

Because of their large size, custom cabinets require more material and labor to construct than prefab cabinetry. In addition, when purchasing prefabricated cabinets, homeowners usually only have options such as color and door styles. When ordering quality products, however, homeowners often have a myriad of options, including finishes, doors, drawer options, and hardware such as pulls, hinges, and drawer handles.

Another option in cabinetry that gives homeowners more flexibility is a product known as “swing door” doors, or “swing drawer glides.” This style of door is similar to traditional French doors, in that it uses solid wood panels that swing open and closed. These options can have a variety of different hardware options, including recessed knobs, hinges, and glass door locks. Because of their unique construction, many manufacturers choose to offer “swing drawer glides” with their cabinet boxes instead of traditional “swing doors,” and because they are customizable many manufacturers offer a large selection of hardware and styles for this product as well.

Finally, another aspect of cabinet construction uses more labor than materials: putting together the shelves. Most cabinets do not use completely accurate dimensions, so it is necessary to make sure that any shelves that are used for storing items are accurate in dimension. In addition, many companies specialize in putting together accurate, full-length shelves that can be installed accurately and affordably. Many cabinet pieces are available in standard sizes, but because many people opt for smaller units for their home or office, the ability to customize many shelves is also possible. Customized shelving makes it less expensive, more convenient, and much easier to put together a fully functional and aesthetically-pleasing set of shelves for every use. For more details on custom cabinets visit www.lakitchenremodeling.net.