How Much Less Is It Going To Cost For A Cabinet Refacing Instead Of A New One?

A cabinet refinished is not the same as a cabinet refinishing, which is actually a kind of restoration process. A cabinet refiner works to restore wood furniture to its original appearance, while a cabinet refinishing is more focused on fixing scratches, dents, and fading patterns. It’s the latter that is sometimes confused with a cabinet refinished, since the former is more comprehensive and expensive. So, what is the difference?

If you’re going for a full kitchen renovation involving replacement of cabinet doors and drawers, then it would make sense to consider cabinet refacing instead of a full cabinet refacing. A cabinet refinishing is actually a very small, light-colored painting, usually no larger than 2 feet in both dimension, but most often much smaller than this. The word is also used for small paintings that display full-length pictures or large-scale landscapes in a small, more realistic scale, instead of life-size.

As mentioned, a cabinet refinishing may be more appropriate for people who want to restore their current cabinets, rather than revamp the whole room. A cabinet refacing is usually cheaper and faster than a full-on renovation, since all that’s needed are some fresh coats of paint, sanding and polishing, if necessary. Refinishing can even be done on existing cabinets in a matter of hours. It can be done on your own, too, if you have the skills and the equipment. But if you’d prefer to hire a professional company or do it on your own, here are some tips for choosing a good one. It helps to ask for samples of work that they’ve performed in the past, too.

Some homeowners find cabinet refinishing to be a more involved and costly project than others. If you plan to tackle the task yourself, know that you’ll likely need to buy new cabinetry, doors, frames, drawer fronts, hardware, and more. And while it’s possible to save money on these materials by buying second-hand or recycled goods, the total cost of a kitchen cabinet refinishing project will still likely be more than most homeowners are able to handle. In fact, many people decide to just remodel rather than attempt a do-it-yourself refinishing project.

Whether you decide to tackle your cabinet refacing process yourself or hire a professional company, there are several important steps to take before the actual refinishing begins. First, make sure that you prepare the room for the refinishing process. This may include removing existing hardware, dusting furniture and appliances, and cleaning the surfaces that will be tackled during the refacing process. Any surface that can be painted, including the surface of doors and drawers, should first be treated with primer and then properly sanded with medium-grit sandpaper.

Once the room has been cleared, the next step of cabinet refacing is to prepare the surfaces to be covered. Many companies choose to cover their doors with a laminate that is affixed to the surface or to vinyl. This vinyl can often be removed after the cabinet refacing process is complete and used again. On the other hand, some cabinet refacing require that the doors are completely refaced, which requires that the surfaces be made completely smooth. No matter what option you choose, it’s always a good idea to consult with a skilled cabinet refinishing expert before deciding how much less expensive it will be to get a refaced cabinet instead of a completely new one.

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